A Brief Respite

Laying here as the sun kisses my bare body and the breeze blows lilac kisses across the yard has to be the best feeling in the entire world. It is as if I can feel the calm pulse of the earth as it smiles today.

A small sigh of pure pleasure escapes my moist lips as a bead of sweet tea dribbles down my chin only to be caught by a pink tongue and a smile. The finch family living in the bush at the corner of the yard sing to me the sweetest song full of more joy than I can remember. Clothing seems to only hinder this connection as the sun wraps me in a gentle warmth, and a calm breeze provides a periodic respite.┬áTime doesn’t exist right now, and for all I know I am the only person alive to witness this day of perfection.

After so many weeks, my restless soul stills to take every minute of this in. Alone, but not lonely; exposed, but not vulnerable. I have been waiting for a moment like this, where everything was just perfect for a little while.


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