Before You Go…

Sing me the song of your laughter and let it dance over the wind,

so I can hear it when you leave;

Spin me around the room until my eyes grow dizzy

and all I can feel are your arms when you leave;

Set your eyes on mine and learn my soul while I learn yours,

so I know who are when I leave;

Say that you care for me over and over in all the ways you can,

so I remember your love when you leave.



Here it Begins…

And this is where the pen touches the page and words are supposed to flow out of me as easily as a butterfly beats its wings;however, I am warning you all now that my wings are really, REALLY heavy and it’s not as easy as you might think. Sometimes all I want is to put beautiful things into the world and the best I can come up with is not necessarily ugly. Never the less here it begins and maybe I can make you laugh or think or cry or smile or perhaps you will simply get a laugh out of my attempts.

I am not a writer. I am not an artist. I am just a person with thoughts all my own that sometimes entertain the people around me. You are my new people so let’s make this more than me just talking out into the deep dark void known as the internet.

I have been wondering about change lately and whether it is for the best or the worst or both. A person listens to their gut and they change some aspect of their life and then something strange happens. . . consequences arise. Good and Bad consequences. A lot of people might say “Shut up and put up” while others might jump ship at the first signs of the deep waters, but what happens to the people in between with one foot soaking wet and staying silent?

There is a special kind of misery for those with indecision yet, what controls how we make decisions–a guttural urge. Where my stomach aches have taken me these days is rather interesting and not altogether unpleasant. It is my gut that calls me to change once more. Do I listen and is it worth getting my whole self possibly soaking wet for no reason? HELP!